Battle Royale: Blogger or Wordpress

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    August 16, 2010

  • Let me give you the run down of my blogging career (I promise, this will not be long). Also, this is involving wordpress.COM, not wordpress.ORG.
    • Started my very first blog with Blogger.
    • Got it kind of popular at one point, but was busy with school and sports, so I quit updating it.
    • About four months ago, I started a new blog on Blogger.
    • Only made about 10 posts and realized I did not like the subject material, so I quit.
    • I wanted a completely new experience, so I decided to try out
    • Loved every bit of Wordpress, and the material I was writing about.
    • Realized the limits of, and started looking into customizing HTML and Blogger themes.
    • After understanding how to optimize my blog, and customize my HTML, I created this blog on Blogger.
    If you are worried I am going to up and quit Ziinnnggg!!, think again. I like writing about humorous topics, random news, and anything I feel like; plus I now have a better understanding of how to promote my Blogger blog. Quick note: I am still periodically updating my Wordpress blog, because it surprisingly has a small following. Check it out, if you so choose.

    Now, let us get into the "BATTLE ROYALE" between Blogger and Wordpress. I will give you the advantages and disadvantages that I have experienced with both platforms, and give you my winner at the end.


    • Creating and setting up your blog is much easier.
    • Wordpress basically does all of the promotion for you (i.e. pings search engines, creates your sitemap, etc.)
    • Almost all of my URLs were indexed in Google's Webmaster Tools with no issues.
    • 100 themes to choose from.
    • Great customer support and forums.
    • Constantly updated stats on the dashboard page.
    • Aside from the widgets and what options the theme provides, you cannot customize the HTML of the theme.
    • Not a lot of commenting or interaction with readers. There were numerous days where I had 60-90 visitors (actually read my material, did not just bounce right off of the page) and I would not get one comment from anyone. Kind of a kick to the nuts. if you ask me.
    • Whatever widgets are provided by Wordpress is what you get. Plugins and such cannot be installed.
    • Can only embed videos from Youtube, Google, and DailyMotion. You have to pay for an upgrade (it is a yearly payment) in order to embed/upload videos from other sites. Same goes for music.
    • Although there are 100 themes to choose from, you still feel limited in some ways (it's hard to explain, but after some weeks you may understand). New themes are only added every now and then.

    • Full customization of blog (theme, layout, commenting system, etc.).
    • Tons of third-party themes to choose from.
    • More commenting and interaction, from my experiences of course.
    • Good support and forums -- forums are especially useful for the HTML customization.
    • You can upload/embed videos from anywhere, as well as music and other forms of media.
    • More work to promote and publicize (this does not bother me however...I see it as a challenge).
    • You have to go to Blogger Draft or Google Analytics to check your blogs stats. I was indifferent on this one, but figured it was more of an inconvenience to have to visit another site for stats. Therefore, it is a disadvantage.
    • Full customization could lead to frustrating mistakes (i.e. bad optimization, accidentally deleting something important, etc.).
    • Some third-party themes are not compatible with Blogger's provided widgets.
    • Issues can occur when trying to save a post (currently happening with this post).
    Winner = Both

    If you read through my advantages and disadvantages, you can clearly see there is no clear-cut winner. With Wordpress everything, outside of the content you write about, is done for you. Blogger, on the other hand, gives you all the freedom in the world; if your blog is going to succeed, it is all up to you, and you alone (unless a friend is helping you, of course).

    Give them both a try for about two weeks or so -- by then you should know which platform you prefer. Happy blogging, and tell your friends and family about me my blog.


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