Call of Duty: Black Ops Teases With Some Tidbits

  • By MyAlterEgo on

    August 9, 2010

  • Black Ops is not one of my most anticipated games of 2010, but that does not mean I am not keeping an eye on it. Treyarch's previous work with World at War was a good addition to the Call of Duty franchise, and kept me occupied for quite a few hours. Modern Warfare 2, on the the other hand, was terrible, and not a soul on Earth will convince me otherwise (loved and played the shit out of the first Modern Warfare).

    Today, Activision released a new multiplayer trailer for Black Ops. For a teaser, a good amount of gameplay is shown, and will probably spring a tent in a few gamers undergarments. However, with the gameplay shown, there seems to be nothing special to warrant the hype and attention it is receiving -- the fact that I am posting this video may seem contradicting to this statement. I am simply posting for the fans of the COD franchise. The animations (running, shooting and the lack of recoil, deaths, etc.) seem the same; the graphics seem only slightly better; you still have all of the lame ass killstreaks; and there is much more.

    I do not want to seem overly negative though. The maps look to be big enough, and open enough, to hopefully prevent the game from becoming a huge campfest (Modern Warfare 2's biggest problem). If there are enough gadgets (0:55 is a good example) to mess around with, and a deep ranking system -- which there usually is -- I may end up purchasing the game.

    Ah well, to each his own. Enjoy the video.


    Childhood diabetes said...

    I also spotted an MP5 and M416 (i think). The latter is a very new weapon implying a large time span or even alternative timelines.

    Y8 Games said...

    Call of Duty: Black Ops one of my favorite games. Cool blog!

    AlterEgo said...

    @ ChilidHood
    Yeah, from what I understand, the game jumps through different timelines throughout the game.

    This could be a good thing for the story, or a bad. If handled well, it will be an interesting story. If handled poorly, it will be a convoluted mess.

    As long as there is solid depth to the multiplayer, and the game is not a campfest, I will be happy.

    Black Ops Blog said...

    Multiplayer is awesome and it is one of my favorite games too. I cannot wait until the new Modern Warfare 3 is out.

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