Grab Some Beer And Head Down The Chute

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    August 10, 2010

  • Update: JetBlue has only suspended Slater for the time being.

    As I was driving today, some interesting news came to my attention from the radio. I did not catch everything, just something about some disgruntled flight attendant that grabbed some beer and a parachute.

    The story sounded too good to be true, and I had to have some kind of conformation. MSNBC has the full story, giving me the satisfaction I was not hearing things. Steven Slater was the upset flight attendant, and I will highlight some key points to the article.

    Highlight 1
    A JetBlue flight attendant got into an argument with a passenger on a jetliner arriving at John F. Kennedy International Airport Monday, then grabbed a beer from the galley, deployed an emergency exit slide and fled the plane, authorities said.
    Highlight 2
    Slater was working on JetBlue Flight 1052 from Pittsburgh when he got into an argument with the passenger, who was pulling down baggage from an overhead bin, the Port Authority said.

    The luggage apparently hit Slater in the head and he asked for an apology, but the passenger refused, the agency said.
    One extra tidbit that is not posted in the article -- which I heard on the radio -- is that Mr. Slater was apparently arrested while having sex (male or female partner was not specified).

    Slater is my new hero. He does not take shit from anyone -- if some jackass hit me in the head with a bag and did not apologize, I would get pissed off to -- cussed out the on-board passengers, swiped himself some beer, slid down the emergency chute, and went home to have sex (passing the time before the cops showed up). This man deserves the Employee of the Month award from JetBlue. Go get em Steve!

    Watch the report, and some video footage, from the Today Show:


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    Wow, how badass is that? Good deal.

    AlterEgo said...

    Heroes come in different shapes and forms. This guys proves that...ha!

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