Halo: Reach Delivers Hope and Awesomeness

  • By MyAlterEgo on

    August 26, 2010

  • So, just the other day (Tuesday night to be exact) I bought a new 250GB Slim Xbox 360 (Kinect ready, of course). I used to own one of the original 20GB premium models, but I had a ton of issues with it (RROD made me want to smack someone), and traded it in for a PS3. (I had one week left on the extended three-year warranty Microsoft delivered on the old models...go figure.)

    As many of you 360 owners know, Halo: Reach will be hitting shelves on September 14. To say I am excited would be a drastic understatement, and possibly an insult.

    I will be playing the shit out of "Team Swat," with the likes of the new single-shot battle riffle (that is enough cause for an erection just thinking about it); and I may even try to call a few days off of work -- I am really not that big of a loser, but it could be fun.

    I won't talk much longer, you deserve to see the pure awesomeness (what is new?) of the new trailer for Reach without me blabbering all day.

    Quick Note: If a Halo movie does not get greenlit within the next couple of years -- especially after the fantastic live-action trailers Bungie consistently releases -- I have no hope for Hollywood any longer.


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