Stupid Criminals Are Pure Win!

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    August 10, 2010

  • A perfect night's sleep is in my horizon, and this most recent news will only help my cause. Stories similar in nature have occurred before, but I still get my kicks out them, no matter the situation.

    According to MSNBC (this is a pretty good place to get weird news, and I am sticking to it):

    A man just released from jail for stealing a ladder, caught by the guy he stole it from, was arrested again for trying to sell a stolen ladder to the same guy.

    This all started July 28th when the thief was caught with a ladder stolen from a Cedar Mill area man. The victim saw the thief, recognized his ladder, and turned the thief in to the Washington County sheriff's office.
     Kevin Gilman (thief of the story) apparently forgot he had already called this guy that originally turned him in. Gilman gave the listener his pitch, and the listener, in return, provided the police the opportunity to arrest Gilman again.

    The article went on to say:
    Gilman told detectives that he did door-to-door marketing for a painting company. If he came across a home with packages on the porch signaling no one was at home, he would steal the packages, Thompson said.

    Sometimes he stole ladders, he told police, and would leave them resting against vacant homes. He said he once entered a home and stole DVDs and a guitar which he pawned, Thompson said. Most of what Gilman has stolen has been sold.
    Hey, at least he is honest. He did not sit there and try to deny the fact that he stole the ladder and tried to sell it back to the original owner. Kevin was nice enough to give the police more information than needed, which will, in return, put him away for a decent amount of time. Congratulations Kevin!

    Sometimes you should know when to keep your mouth shut; honesty is not always the best policy.


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