Top Tips On Hygiene

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    August 16, 2010

  • Hygiene is: 
    a condition or practice conducive to the preservation of health, as cleanliness.
    Simple concept right? Well, to some people, daily hygiene is not on their agenda. This is a huge problem, however, because smelling like ass is not an attractive feature -- although, to some it might be (you weirdos). Looking like you have not showered in a week, will not pull a member of the opposite, or same (if that is what you prefer), sex either.

    Deodorant Testers.....Charming
    It should be easy enough to figure out what is needed to take care of body odor, bad breathe, and other such body parts. For those who need it spelled out for you, here is a simple, yet effective, list.
    1. Bar of soap or body wash, whichever you prefer, for showers and baths. (Get some bubble bath soap to spice things up).
    2. Shampoo to wash your hair (if you have hair, of course). Maybe even throw some conditioner in there to smooth the hair out.
    3. Fingernail and toenail clippers. Don't want "THIS" crazy shit, do you?
    4. Toothpaste, so you can brush your teeth and get rid of that stank ass breathe. Mouthwash and floss optional -- fights plaque, and the gum disease known as, "GINGIVITIS." Yes, you need a toothbrush to get the full effect of the toothpaste.
    5. Change your tighty whities every single day; as well as changing your socks everyday.
    6. Shaving utensils, mainly for the women. Leg and armpit hair does not quite do it for me....sorry.
    7. Deodorant is a must. The smell of a sweaty armpit sends shivers up my spine (used to play basketball with a kid who did not wear deodorant....imagine how that would smell).
    There you go my rancid smelling readers. These seven basic tips should help you get on your way to a semi-healthy and clean living lifestyle. Pass the word along, because there are many humanoids out there in need of some hygiene direction.


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