Rainy Day Activities Adults Must Try

  • By MyAlterEgo on

    September 27, 2010

  • So, it is currently raining and I do not have a damn thing to do. Just getting off of work, my motivation level to be "active" is not at its highest point right now. Nothing good is ever on the old boob tube anymore, so that option is a no-go.

    If my internet were to crap out on me, some serious shit might go down -- I am scared to even think what I may do. I'm actually going to avoid talking about this subject, so karma does not decide to bite me right on my ass.

    What I will instead talk about, is some activities to keep yourself occupied when "the weather outside is frightful" (I know these are lyrics to Let it Snow, but they still fit the situation).

    I guarantee 100% satisfaction out of my homegrown list, and will be providing it to you free of charge. If you would like to make a donation to me, just comment below and we can work something out. *End Internet sarcasm* -- But seriously, if you want to give me money I will be graceful and accept.

    1. Exercise. Run on a treadmill, use and elliptical, lift some weights, do some sit-ups, and whatever else gets the blood pumping.
    2. Read a book. I shouldn't have to tell what to do in this case. Just find a book and read it.
    3. Play some video games. Nothing better than playing through the campaign of a game you have beat 10 times already; or smoking some noobs online. Right? Right? Nevermind.
    4. Have a movie marathon. Pretty self-explanatory.
    5. Count the rain drops. Seriously, try it. You may be able to waster 5-10 minutes before you get bored.
    6. Put a puzzle together. I would suggest one with 500 or more pieces.
    7. Set up a mud wrestling match. Call up your homies, or bitches, and get the party hoppin. Mud wrestling is pure win (especially when you get two girls going at it....Schwing!)
    8. Buy a 12 or 24-pack of beer and get drunk. Fun and stupid shit happens when you are drunk, so do not let it go to waste.
    9. Have sex with a loved one. I will leave your minds to do the thinking here. Just go to town on each other!
    10. Watch porn and....... I did not finish the statement, because.....just use your imagination. This is strictly in case you do not have a loved one, or they are currently not home. Hell, if you and your partner want to get freaky, then pop that porn on in there.
    11. Hop in a laundry basket, and slide down some stairs. These stairs could lead to your basement, or up to another level. Do not just limit yourself to a laundry basket either, you can use: a bed mattress, cardboard, table (not recommended), couch cushion, or even a snow sled.
    There you have it, the best "rainy day activities list" in existence. Like I stated above, 100% guaranteed satisfaction. You will never be bored on a rainy, snow, gloomy, or shitty day ever again.

    Note: If someone attempts #7,8, or 11, hurts themselves, then posts in this comments section to bitch at me for the suggestion....there is no hope left for you.


    Anonymous said...

    im sad i cant have the 2 minutes it took me to read this back

    Anonymous said...

    Thanks for triggering my porn addiction and alcoholism.

    Anonymous said...

    Great fucking list...

    your mom said...

    this blows ass

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