True Grit Trailer Shows why the Coen Brothers are the Best

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    September 27, 2010

  • No Country for Old Men is easily one of my top 10 favorite movies of all-time; and is what started my fascination with the Coen Brothers and their past projects. Fargo, Raising Arizona, Miller's Crossing, O Brother, Where Art Thou?, and The Big Lebowski are all good - great movies respectively -- technically Joel Coen directed most of these, but Ethan was still involved. The few duds they have directed are forgiven by me, because of everything I already mentioned.

    Many of you might remember the original True Grit, directed by Henry Hathaway and starring John Wayne. I have heard nothing but good things, and have unfortunately not had the pleasure of viewing it yet (will be watching it soon). Remakes have been abysmal, and occurring far too often as of late. It is hard to build up hype for yet another one, but after viewing the trailer, I have faith the "Brothers" did it some justice.

    Trailer and synopsis all after the jump.

    The official synopsis from Apple (also, view the trailer in HD here), goes a little something like:
    Fourteen-year-old Mattie Ross's (Hailee Steinfeld) father has been shot in cold blood by the coward Tom Chaney (Josh Brolin), and she is determined to bring him to justice. Enlisting the help of a trigger-happy, drunken U.S. Marshal, Rooster Cogburn (Jeff Bridges), she sets out with him -- over his objections -- to hunt down Chaney. Her father's blood demands that she pursue the criminal into Indian territory and find him before a Texas Ranger named LeBoeuf (Matt Damon) catches him and brings him back to Texas for the murder of another man.

    Bridges is looking like a true one-eyed badass, and I could not be happier. Seeing Brolin is not much of a surprise, especially after his performance in "No Country." Matt Damon, however, is most intriguing to me; this is mostly due to the fact I have never seen him in a western before.

    So what do you think, yay or nay? Does this look like it will do the original some justice? Are you getting hyped? Do you want me to stop writing? How many more questions do you think I will ask? How about the Bears vs. Packers game on Monday Night Football? Should I grab a snack before I head off to bed? What's your favorite scary movie? What can "Brown" do for you?


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