Tyler Colvin and Banning Maple Bats

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    September 20, 2010

  • A discussion that has been brought up numerous times in professional baseball, is whether or not the maple bat should be banned. They are constantly breaking shattering into pieces, even when a player hits the sweet spot of the bat -- granted, it was probably just a bad bat, but, nonetheless, it still shattered from hitting the meaty part of the bat.

    Wooden bats break and shatter, I understand this; but maple shatters way too often, and there have been way too many close calls in the MLB for my liking. I was a former college pitcher, and I know the fear of a ball coming at my dome at over 100 mph. Not only do the professional pitchers, of today, have to worry about line drives, but also if a broken bat will be soaring towards them as well -- this effects the infielders and coaches as well, but I just used the pitcher example because they are closer.

    A very good comparison between ash and maple bats can be found at Streetdirectory. There may be a little more pop in a maple bat, but with the athletes playing baseball these days, that extra pop and bat speed is not really needed.

    What will really heat up this discussion is the recent events with Tyler Colvin, of the Chicago Cubs. He was partially impaled in the chest by a broken bat while he was coming home from third base. There was some bleeding, and thankfully, no serious lung or heart damage was caused. Tyler will, however, have to sit out the remainder of his rookie season (was leading all NL rookies with 20 home runs) due to this freak accident.

    Video of the incident; a thank you statement from Colvin; and a poll after the jump.

    Courtesy of ESPN, Tyler has issued a thank you to all Cubs fans, and those who have helped in his recovery:
    "I want to thank Cubs fans for their support all season, especially right now, and let everyone know that I'm doing OK," Colvin said in a statement. "I also want to thank everyone who has helped take care of me here in Miami -- the Cubs and Marlins training and medical staffs, the EMTs at the ballpark and everyone here at the hospital."
    It is very unfortunate Tyler's season has ended this way. At the same time, he is very very fortunate he was not killed or seriously injured with the broken bat.

    With what you have heard, and seen in the past with maple bats, I leave you with this: Do you think maple bats should be banned in professional baseball? Vote in the poll and discuss away.


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