Undeniable Truth from Greg Giraldo

  • By MyAlterEgo on

    September 5, 2010

  • Firstly, I would like to point out that I am American. Secondly, please do not take any offense from this. It is just for fun, and you cannot sit here and tell me that what Greg has to say is not the truth.

    Here is your undeniable truth:
    Americans are not gonna conserve. We're not gonna shift to smaller cars. We can't -- we have big, fat kids.
    Seriously, the man has an unfortunate -- and hilarious -- point. I am amazed by the amount of kids (I'm talking around the age range of 4-8) that are fat and can barely move because they have no flexibility in their limbs.

    Parents need to quit feeding their children chocolate covered honey buns and powdered donuts for breakfast every single day of the week (just using this as an example).

    I will not say much more on the matter, because, frankly, my bitching will succeed in accomplishing zero at this point. A lot of parents these days do not even take care of themselves, so why would they provide food for the child to stay healthy?


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