Stinky Kakapo Parrot Needs Old Spice for Protection

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    October 8, 2010

  • If you thought Isaiah Mustafa (Wiki, IMDB, and Twitter profile) was the perfect spokesman for Old Spice, well, think again. Our friendly little kakapo parrot will put "riding on a horse backwards" to shame.

    According to National Geographic (click here for the interesting article):

    New Zealand's native-bird BO is so pungent, it's alerting predators to the birds' presence, ongoing research shows.

    The smells may drive some species to extinction, unless conservationists take unorthodox measures, such as adding "deodorant" to bird nests, according to biologist Jim Briskie of Canterbury University in Christchurch, New Zealand.
    Usually when someone/something smells of a foul nature, you tend to stay as far away from them/it as you can. Just imagine playing basketball with someone who does not wear any deodorant, then standing right next to them in a huddle with those nasty pits right by your nose....stings the nostrils.

    However, I can see the flipside to my previous statement. If you get rid of this sour smelling person/thing, your problems will be solved. So, in the case of the kakapos' predators, kill them off and you have yourself a better smelling area.

    Another little interesting fact from the article states that:

    New Zealand's birds may be so pungent largely because they were able to get away with it for so many centuries, Briskie suspects.

    When New Zealand split away from Australia some 80 million years ago, no predatory mammals came along for the ride, so native birds never had to evolve means of masking their scents to survive, he said.

    But eventually humans changed the landscape. The native Maori people introduced the Polynesian rat, and Europeans later unleashed other rat species, domestic cats, and the stoat—a type of weasel—which have easily caught on to the birds' scents.
    Again, head on over to National Geographic to read the full article. Trust me you won't regret it; maybe you will, but I think it is pretty interesting.

    Maybe if Matthew McConaughey were to read this, he would appreciate the fact that deodorant is important when it comes to hygiene. One thing I do know though: Deodorant will not make his movies any better.......Ziinnnggg!!


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