About Zing

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  • Plain and simple, I am a smart ass. I enjoy cracking jokes that make no sense, and half of the time, are not even that funny. If witty comebacks were a job, I would be included among Oprah and Bill Gates as one of the biggest financial earners in the U.S. Heh, God has gifted me with these abilities, and I use them to their everlasting fullest.

    I will not be updating Zing everyday, but rather every other day, or whenever I damn well please (sorry.....woosah). Posts will not be too long (don't want to bore you); there will be many pictures, videos, jokes, etc. to tickle your fancy.

    So, enjoy/loathe what I have to say. Zing can be like a drug. Once you get to reading, addiction may ensue. You have been warned my friends.